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9/06/2016 11:47 am  #1

TIPS & TRICKS to milling a 80% LOWER, share what you know!

#1 NON-Aerosol WD-40, pump handle!  (almost no odor or overspray, if your carful! I was working in the basement!!)
 #2 A second set of top plate screws! I look and found what appear to be the same screws at Lowe's. These will help keep the tread holes clear of material as you work, as well as ensure you are never short a screw. (could not find the side plate screw. really didn't need extras though!)
 #3 Level your drill press bed to your chuck head! (At lest do your best to make them as true to one another as possible. Keep in mind. Every time you loosen the drill press bed, it drops a little at the front. you may want to check for level again. Definatly verify your depth setting, after loosening the drill press bed!
 #4 Clean your work area EVERY TIME you move the JIG! I found material between the jig and vice almost every time I moved the JIG and this was with the JIG securely fastened in the vice. Also when you set the JIG down to adjust something, It WILL pick up material on the bottom. Lots of cheap paper towel! It is amassing how far off level your work can be from one little piece of debris! (Blowing through the wall of your $100.00 work piece SUCKS!)


9/05/2017 11:26 am  #2

Re: TIPS & TRICKS to milling a 80% LOWER, share what you know!

#1 - Good idea.  I use 3-in-1 and it seems to work great.  Just expect to get a little messy (see part of #4 about paper towels)
#2 - I should have, but i had a compressor to blow out the holes.  A can of air will do it too, but I bet in the long run, an extra set of screws will last longer than any can of air.
#3 - Dude.  Double check your double checks.  I ended up with some tool marks down the walls cuz I didn't...
#4 - Clean your "clean" spots because tiny things work their way into everything.  LOTS of paper towels or something along those lines.  I would periodically use my shop vac to clean up little bits.
#5 - Take your time!  Rushing will have you chucking up the 1/2" bit and running it to 1.250 if you're not paying attention.  


3/18/2018 1:07 pm  #3

Re: TIPS & TRICKS to milling a 80% LOWER, share what you know!

I went ahead and bought a 33 gallon Rubbermaid trash can and heavy yard trash bags for under the drill press table. That way I can just brush the cuttings into the bag and any oil or cuttings that get away go into the bag. No fuss, no mess and I end up using it for all the shipping labels I don't want showing my address a place to have the ink run from the cutting oil dripping on them. I have zero cuttings or oils spots on the floor from drilling my lower.


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