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12/05/2018 3:31 pm  #1

308-BK Trigger won't release on first shot.

Subject says it all. Every fresh magazine, the first round will not fire - whether it's charged w/ the handle, or by the bolt release. After squeezing the trigger, you have to release it, then try again, and then it fires. Every subsequent round is no problem.

There's a little wobble in the FCG ... I've tried oversized hammer and trigger pins, but it wasn't any better. I filed the flat of the safety slightly, and it helped a little bit, but not a lot. It did it with two different trigger groups, one of which is a Geissele, so I think I can eliminate trigger group being the culprit.

Stuff I still need to look at: grip screw interference, just get a new safety lever

Anyone have this problem? This is my only 80% 308.  I've done nine 80% AR-15's, and never had this issue on any of them.


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