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2/03/2019 12:02 pm  #1

General Questions on BA 308 Lower Receiver

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions about the BA 308 80% lower receivers:

A) Are they made from 6061 or 7075 Aluminum alloy ?
B) Does it have have the rear lug milled out at the factory as it seems to show in the pics
on the BA website ?
C) Finally, confirming that it has the Fire/Safe markings engraved on both sides of the lower.

Thanks for your time.



2/23/2019 4:56 pm  #2

Re: General Questions on BA 308 Lower Receiver

Good evening Doc!

I've finished a couple of these receivers with excellent results, so thought I would address your questions:

These are 6061 billet lowers, with the rear lug pocket milled out and a set screw included for taking up slack between the upper and lower.  Selector markings are on both sides of the receiver.

I've finished 308 lowers from a few different manufacturers and the attention to detail on these is excellent.  They incorporate some beautiful features and the finish work is impeccable.  I used a third party jig and the receivers fit fact, they fixtured up better than any other type I've tried.  If you're mating them up with Aero M5 uppers you'll be very happy with the mating lines, too.

I highly recommend the Broken Armory 80% 308 lowers!


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